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          The Fifth Euro-China International Conference on Intelligent Data Analysis and Application continued
          Oct 14, 2018

               The Fifth Euro-china International Conference on Intelligent Data Analysis and Application continued on Oct 13, 2018 in Xi'an, China. There were altogether six sessions on the second day of the conference.The scholars who gave speeches showed their novel ideas and unique achievements, and the listeners in the audience also asked their questions and got their answers.
















          For an instance, one of the themes in a session is about complex network control. The group of session chairs is composed of Prof. Yinhe Wang from Guangdong University of Technology, Prof.Guanghui Wen from Southeast University, and Prof. Youming Wang from XUPT. They carefully listened to the reports presented by Peihu Duan, Yuqing Hao, etc., and asked relevant questions about the existing problems and gave their own opinions.










          In another session, Prof. Rong Hufrom Fujian University of Technology reported the recent progress in their research on the congestion of public transit system, and encouraged students toask questions. Prof. Ye Xia carefully reported his research also. At the end ofeach presentation, the session chair awarded each speaker a certificate of oralpresentation. At the end of the session, all the session chairs and the speakers were invited to take a photo together.        



































































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